Travel to Infinity

we’re doin a balloon release on saturday in the cemetery for my sister’s birthday

and i dunno i just feel conflicted about it. I mean you read so much stuff about pollution and how animals choke on wayward balloons and shit, and i just feel uncomfortable. Like are my concerns justified, especially such that I can reasonably confront my parents about it? I mean does that justify calling off the balloon release for all 40+ people? And how do I even approach them on that? They set it up for their daughter and my sister and I’m trying to call it off? But I just keep seeing all those balloons falling back down into forests and rivers and oceans, and is that worth it for celebrating life already lost?


My husband looks like he’s laughing, but he’s screaming in agony. 


My husband looks like he’s laughing, but he’s screaming in agony. 

space-hunter-robo said: o rlly

yea he hasn’t really done anything else conspicuously robotish

he’s bein a total creeper though

100% convinced his bein nice is an act now

holy shit the monster chasin elfman and evergreen is absolutely terrifying

not just snowflakes man. guys a robot.

sheesh he hasn’t been that robot-y, outside of that

yes yes yes ur right thats very fishy. i dont care. he acts. like a robot.

what, like his weird OCD thing earlier with the snowflakes

cause that was p fucked

man yeah all that stuff. but he kinda acts like a robot ya feel me

hmmm maybe

and like

they never mentioned mystogan havin an apprentice? and he put everyone to sleep in the guild anyway like how could he HAVE one?

yea that’s not ominous or foreboding

mest fuckin walkin around w his whole face in shadow

some kinda robot

it’s like he’s nice, and i wanna trust him, but he is almost too nice

and hello where has he been? i’ve never seen him before. and the whole memory thing. it’s almost like dawn, in btvs